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The Original Motown - Happy Happy Evening.

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Having had the same opening statement since the web site started I have decided it's time for a change. If you have not been to one of my nights before, your first question you will ask no doubt is what is "Kevin Lane's Motown" all about. Well I try and ensure that everyone who comes to the "Motown" has a great night out, and goes away happy and wants to come back again. Over the years so many people have commented about the friendly atmosphere. I strive to keep that feeling going. Musically I have always been pretty much the same, recently somebody called the night "Mainly Motown" and "Mostly Motown" and I think both of those descriptions are pretty much correct. Motown is the base of the musical policy, with bits of other genres thrown in as well including some of the better known northern music. But you won't find any obscure Northern tracks because I am not there to educate. I just try to give you music you will hopefully remember and can dance to. As the saying goes "Bringing on Back The Good Times" you can't beat nostalgia. So if you've not been before give it a try I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. To all the people who have been many times before - thanks gang I'm nothing without you. Kevin.