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The Original Motown - Happy Happy Evening.

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The idea of this page is two fold. Firstly I've been asked what I've been doing since the Uncle Tom's days - so I've done a potted history of my professiuonal career. But firstly I am going to write a few lines about every event we hold. The idea of this is that it will keep anyone who missed an event in touch. So here goes.

It was like the old days, people seemed to come out from everywhere, people who we haven't seen in ages turned
up, didn't you Dianne. Anyhow a massive thank you to everyone who turned out. I think it was mainly people who have been to the Motown before but if there were any Motown Virgins joining us for the first time you are very welcome, come back and become a regular.
Just a few parish notices. Firstly as you may have read elsewhere the proposed nights at Pendlebury are not going to happen, a shame really they don't know what they've missed. There will be a new venue from next month, I am going to give it a try in Urmston at Urmston Mens Club, it's a nice room and I think it has got chances. I will keep you updated about the situation at Lowton as soon as I know hopefully we will be all right for the next planned night there, keep looking at the website for updates. And lastly I have gone back on Facebook, just type in KevinLanesMotown.
Only one birthday to report, although I would guess that there were others just nobody told me. The one we had was a very special one as it was one of my Walkden regulars so a very happy birthday to Sue who was at the Motown with her usual family and friends hopefully having a good night. Happy birthday sweat lady. Don't forget if you at a birthday celebration at the Motown let me know I will always give you a shoutout.
I will be back at Walkden in four weeks on Friday 3rd April, make sure that you are and we'll have another fabulous
night. Next Friday I will be with the Northern Link at Rivington Barn. It's a beautiful room, and if you've never been 
it's well worth a visit.  
Thanks for your great support and lets keep it that way all through 2015.

Believe it or not it has been seven weeks since I have been at Walkden there were one or two people who had been for counselling for the problem. A great turnout from my Walkden Motowner's and may I thank everyone who turned out. That's of course all my regulars and especially any Motown Virgins we had with us who were witnessing the Motown for the first time. A couple of things to report we seem to have a new fad I shall now name "The T Factor" what happens is if you like a tune you form a "T" with your hands and hold them up in the air. I know it's a bit childish but it's only a bit of fun. Obviously the "T" stands for tune. Also I had a complaint about the quality of the talc that I put on the floor. The lovely Julie told me that my Cussons talc was and I quote "crap" and not as good as her Johnson's talc. So from here forward I will call the lovely one the "Talc Queen".
A couple of birthdays to report both of them were 50th's. It has got to be the ideal place for a 50th, and I promise you you won't get a better night anywhere. Firstly we had the lovely Helen who was out with a massive party celebrating the big 5-0. Happy birthday my love make sure you keep coming back to see us at the Motown. Then we had the fabulous Tina who was out with her party celebrating her 50th, also a massive happy birthday to you my love. As I've said before if you've got a birthday at the Motown make sure you let me know.
That's about it gang I will be back at Walkden in 4 weeks on Friday 6th March make sure you are with us. Next weekend on the Saturday I am doing a Northern Link do at the Longfield Suite Prestwich this is the place for dancers. The floor is massive and you will have as much room as you want. The week after that it's back to Friday at Lowton Social Club.
Thanks for your great support and lets keep it that way all through 2015.

First one of the year back at Boothstown. What a magnificent turnout for January, a massive thank you to everyone who made the effort on a freezing night. As well as my Boothstown regulars we seemed to me to have quite a few of my Lowton regulars as well plenty of Motown Virgins. Whoever you are you are very welcome, and I hope you stay with me through the year. It's a good few years I've been at Boothstown and hopefully I will make a few more.
On the birthday front we only had one who was the lovely Cath from St. Annes who was out with all the girls and also the balloons. Happy birthday sweet lady and there is no way in this world that you look sixty. I'll see you soon. Also a special mention for a gentleman whose name I'm afraid I missed, who was there I think celebrating his birthday, nothing odd there until he told me he had celebrated his birthday 44 years ago at Uncle Toms Cabin and wondered if I had been there. I certainly would have been. Funny he could remember it was a Thursday night. My only question to you my man is "Where the hell have you been for the last 44 years"
Our next night at Boothstown will be on Friday 27th March, make sure that you are there, and lets have another cracking night. If you fancy Motown next week you will catch me at Walkden Legion for the first time this year, and I will be back at Lowton in three weeks time.
Thanks for your great support and lets keep it that way all through 2015.

Well first of the year, and it's really good to be back. Good news after four weeks or so off, I still can remember how to operate
the equipement, you can never be sure at my age. Firstly what a cracking turn out for a cold second week in January, a massive thank you to everyone who made the effort. And I felt the night went pretty well, it was good to start at Lowton as I keep saying I feel that Lowton has big potential, the people love their music, and also know how to enjoy themselves.Perhaps you could tell how much people have been missing there Motown as we had travellers in from Salford, Oldham, and I'm sure other places. As is quite normal these days we had our usual quota of continental visitors. So a big Motown welcome to Julio from Italy and also Jacqueline from Portugal. Hope I've spelt the names correctly, if not my sincere apologies.
Only two birthdays to report firstly we had one of my Lowton regulars the lovely Lynn who was out with all the girls celebrating her 60th birthday, I think she had a good night and even got her beloved Drifters played. We will skirt over the fact she might have gone a bit heavy on the booze. Happy days. Then we had Barry who was out with all his friends also celebrating his special day. Happy birthday to you both and make sure you come back and see us again soon at the Motown.
Our next Motown at Lowton will be on Friday 20th February, make sure you make it, and lets see if we can grow the night after a good start. As I keep saying while you support me I will keep it going.
And finally may I wish you all a belated Happy New Year, and make sure you keep it Motown in 2015.  



I started disc jockeying at "The Limit Club" Middleton where I was the assistant to the
assistant of the assistant of the disc jockey (In other words I went for the Coke's no booze in those days). From there I went as second assistant at "Bury Palais"(big promotion). Eventually the big break came and I got a job as number one disc jockey at a club on Deansgate in Manchester called "The Majestic" This was quite a popular club mainly Motown/Soul All Nighters the lot. From there I went to "The New Century Hall" in Manchester this was all big name charts acts Who/Small Faces/Etc.I was also at this time doing one nighters all over the country. Then the call came from one Tom Brown would I like to DJ and part manage a club in Little Hulton called "Uncle Toms Cabin". To be honest I don't think I even knew where Little Hulton was then, I soon found out. There is a full Uncle Toms story elsewhere on the site. This is where I first meet Jimmy Barlow and we have been friends ever since. From there I went to" Uncle Toms Cabin" in Darwin near Blackburn (this was both Cabaret and Disco). Eventually I moved on from there and worked at "The Beachcomber" and "The Empress" clubs in Bolton. Then came my first stint in Torquay where I worked at "The Compass Club". By this time I was doing more managing than disc jockeying which was probably a mistake. I then came back to Manchester and ran "The Brown Cow" which was a disco pub in Middleton. Then it was back to Torquay working between "The Compass Club" and "The Blagdon Inn". At "The Blagdon Inn"we ran an authentic "Spanish Barbeque" (All Viva Espania, San Gria,and people dancing on the tables). Then it was back to Manchester again where I ran "Bennys" a nightclub in Radcliffe owned by the footballers - all very glam.Then it was back to Torquay for my last season there when I worked across four clubs and also had my own guesthouse. The final move back to Manchester took me to managing firstly "The Talk of The North" in Eccles, and then "Blightys" in Farrnworth. Then I decided that that was enough and set up my present business and took a break from the nightlife.
That's a very short history, I could write a book about it all (I may do one day).